Social Media News Stories – First Week Of October 2023


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This first week of October 5, 2023, has produced a number of notable social media news stories:

  • Meta is now testing new AI chatbots that mimic the personality of celebrities. These chatbots may interact with users by answering queries, creating innovative text formats, and even engaging in personal conversations.
  • TikTok’s Storefront service will be phased out on September 12, 2023, and replaced with TikTok Shop. Brands can now exhibit and sell their products directly through shoppable in-feed videos, LIVE shopping sessions, and a dedicated product showcase tab on their TikTok profile page, thanks to the overhauled platform.
You can now sell and buy with Tiktok Shop
You can now sell and buy with Tiktok Shop
  • LinkedIn has improved the look of its extensively used newsletter tool. The new design features a more modern layout as well as increased readability. It also introduces new components, such as incorporating photographs and videos in newsletters.
New design of LinkedIn newsletter tool
New design of the LinkedIn newsletter tool
  • YouTube’s most recent effort involves the establishment of a Music AI Incubator in conjunction with Universal Music. This program lets artists and makers become acquainted with various AI technologies while generating new music compositions and experiences.
YouTube's New Music AI Incubator
YouTube’s New Music AI Incubator
  • Snapchat has begun testing sponsored links incorporated in comments from its “My AI” chatbot system. Brands gain possibilities to connect organically while engagingly promoting relevant products or services by seamlessly inserting these sponsored links into conversations between users and chatbots.
Snapchat's My AI
Snapchat’s My AI

In addition to the compelling updates described above, several other intriguing developments are occurring across social media platforms this week.

For example, these platforms are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to improve user experiences while opening up new opportunities for businesses and content providers alike.

Overall, the ever-changing social media environment promises interesting advances in the next years!


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